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Presently docks at Whale Harbor
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Shark Fishing

Big BAD Sharks in the Keys

The Florida Keys are known for fishing and lots of people ask about sharks here. We have sharks here all the time but they are not much of a problem and don't group up and get aggressive with one exception, that is the month of April! In March the Greater Amberjack come to the Islamorada Hump to spawn. Its one big orgy and the sharks come there, well to do what sharks do, they feed on the sex crazed Amberjack. We are talking about BIG sharks, not unusual to find 1000 pounders there that time of year and its not unusual for them to come to the surface and feed on an amberjack you have pulled up from the depths of the Hump. I have seen sharks eat the body of a 50 pound jack in one bite right behind the boat leaving you with a head and set of gills. Not to mention a feeling of joy that you are not in the water! Now even with just that head, you have bait for shark fishing! This is not for the weak, these fights can last for hours. Contact us via email or phone to set up your trip. You will have the fight of your life.

350 LB Silky Shark
500 LB Tiger Shark
Big Tiger Shark
Catches at the dock
Jimmy staped in on a shark
Jimmy and AJ
Jimmy fights AJ
Silky Shark
Silky Shark

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Docks at the world famous Whale Harbor Marina, click here for directions.