A1A Florida Keys Fishing

Presently docks at Whale Harbor
Marina in Islamorada, Florida

Reef Fishing

The coral reef off the coast of the Keys is the the third largest barrier reef in the world and the only living coral reef in the continental United States. It provides a home for more species of fish than anyplace else in the US. In the fall and winter Sailfish swim along the reefs and from 20 to 150 feet we troll live bait for them. Also among those fish are quite a few that are targeted for reef fishing. Yellowtail snapper is probably the some sought of all the reef fish and for a good reasons....they are here in large schools, great fun to catch and are one of the best eating fish in the Ocean. In the same area that they live there are also mangrove snapper, mutton snapper and grouper along with lots of non-targeted fish like triggers, blue runners, yellow bar jack, cero mackerel, barracuda, file fish and chubs. Reef fishing for yellowtail is non-stop action, we usually anchor the boat and chum them up and get a school where you can see them behind the boat most days. We put a bait on the bottom for grouper and other reef fish that do not tend to come off the bottom. If conditions allow we often fly a kite and put out a live bait or two so while you are fishing the reef you can also have a chance to catch a sailfish, tuna, dolphin, or mackerel.

Classmates Reunion
Group 01
Tom and John
Sohns Big Mutton Snapper
Little Gal Big
NIK 0142A
14 Lbs of Yellowtail
Sunrise Friday 6-24
Robert Big Fish
Riley Vickerys Black Grouper
3 generations of Gilleland family
Chummed Up Yellowtail Snapper
Carol Ann Emerick grouper

Sailfish in the Florida Keys - Live Baiting Sailfish our Specialty!!

Bob Taomina with another sailfish
Chris Whitbeck Sailfishing
Whitbeck Sailfishing Trip
Bobbi Sailfish
Tailwalking Sailfish Tad Graves
Mike Mitchell sailfishing
Pissed Off Sailfish

Sailfish season usually runs from about late September until early May. Book your trip with us and get a full day trip for only $1100.  We have been doing this with live bait since 1975 and that has been the most productive method of sailfishing. We use 12 or 20 pound spinning tackle to catch these beautiful fish. So e-mail us or give us a call at (305) 304-4422, we have lots of dates available. Take time off from the busy world and come enjoy some sailfishing. This is the best place in this country to catch them.  We are docked at the renowned Whale Harbor Marina at MM 83.5 in Islamorada.

We use light tackle for sailfish so almost anyone can catch these fish. This lady, Lynda from Georgia caught six in two days of fishing.

lynda breault 1

lynda breault 2

lynda breault 3

lynda breault 4

Catching bait! How it starts...the action of catching sailfish!!!!!!

catching bait

We have tournament winning experience!

offshore 1
offshore 2

Email or Call (305) 304-4422 to book a trip or get info!

Docks at the world famous Whale Harbor Marina, click here for directions.