A1A Florida Keys Fishing

Presently docks at Whale Harbor
Marina in Islamorada, Florida

Directions To Whale Harbor

The lighthouse was once a landmark in Islamorada. Not only does it mark the entrance to the marina it also served at a refuge in some of the infamous hurricanes of the Keys.

The lighthouse and building attached to it have been torn down but the catwalk and Wahoos is still there. New pictures coming soon. Call 305-304-4422 for further assistance.

whale harbor

You will find the Restless Too if you drive in here and turn left just before going under the underpass, it is the last boat on the dock from this point.

Turn left here, boat is docked right behind the steps that go up to Wahoo's Bar & Grill on the side of the building where the arrow below points.

arrow to slip

The arrow points to the end of the dock where we are now docked.

docked boat

This is our slip at the left end of the dock. This catch of jumbo yellowtail snapper was caught by the Plyler family from North Carolina.

The steps that go up the Grill are right behind our boat and the rest rooms are just to the right of those fish on the wall.

everyone at boat

Email or Call (305) 304-4422 to book a trip or get info!

Docks at the world famous Whale Harbor Marina, click here for directions.