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We have been diving the Florida Keys and Bahamas for over 35 years. Here are some of the images we have had the privilege of photographing on past diving trips. Just click on the picture to see it blown-up. Once you see the blow-up, just click on it to return to the album. If you would like to summit photos for this album just e-mail us your picture along with some caption information. Suitable photos will appear with a credit to the photographer. Presently all photos by Capt. Robert A. Mathias, Jr.

Taken from inside a cave on the Cay Sal Bank. There are many such caves located there that can be accessed even with snorkelgear.

Cave Under Rocks in Cay Sal

Diver Over Cay Sal Wall

Diver is surrounded by a school of Horse-eyed Jacks on the Cay Sal Wall, depth about 125 feet. Diver Jeff Schlock felt elated!

Another Cay Sal Wall picture, this lobster had a small tree of Black Coral growing just to the left of his hole, depth about 120 feet.

LobsterOn Wallsm.JPG (3942 bytes)

Mary Ann's Big Lobster

This lobster is the biggest I have ever seen in my 35+ years of diving the Keys and Bahamas. Mary Ann Hawkins was the proud diver.

This airplane in 10-12 feet of water is the home of many lobster! We have a real feast on board the Restless Too about 30 minutes after anchoring here!

Airplane Wreck Near Bimini

Porkfishsm.JPG (3567 bytes)

There are many schools of these Porkfish along the reefs of the Florida Keys and Key West. They are not hard to coax into allowing you to get this close to photograph.

This Nassau Grouper was almost a pet for the years I was the dive boat for the Holiday Isle Dive Shop in Islamorada. 

Nassau Grouper

School of Baitfish

This school of baitfish was mesmerizing to watch. The photo was taken in a cave under the rocks forming Elbow Cay on the Cay Sal Bank in the Bahamas.

This Squirrel Fish lived near the drop off on the Cay Sal Wall. In the background you can see a diver about to go over the edge of that wall!

Squirrel Fish


Featherdusters are some of the most beautiful of the macro life you can photograph on the reefs. They come in an endless variety of colors.

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